Horizon Pharma to Present Data

Horizon Pharma said Friday it plans to present data from a study of its Procysbi treatment for people with nephropathic cystinosis compared to immediate-release cysteamine, at the Cystinosis Research Network 2017 Family Conference in Snowbird, Utah, on Saturday.

In the study, patients receiving Procysbi had a 26% reduction in exhaled dimethyl sulphide–a metabolite of cysteamine bitartrate associated with halitosis (i.e., bad breath)–compared to those receiving immediate-release cysteamine. The study is one of four Procysbi poster presentations that can be viewed at the Cystinosis Research Network 2017 Family Conference. Most frequently reported adverse events seen in less than 5% of patients taking Procysbi were vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, breath odor, diarrhea, skin odor, fatigue and rash.

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